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George & Maia Ballis

Agustin Lira wrote the following: “Teatro Inmigrante was formed in 2001 in response to the anti-immigrant hysteria drummed up nationwide by the corporate media. But more importantly, the valuable footage of each of these plays created over a nine year period, was filmed by George (Elfie) Ballis. Because of his legendary skill behind the camera, his inherent understanding of human nature, and because of his dedication to the movement and to the arts, George has captured the passion, beauty and power of Teatro Inmigrante on film. Thank you George and Maia Ballis.”

George & Esperanza Wells

For years of support, tailored costumes, props, theater production materials, instruments; for passing on their stories to us as people who fought for civil rights and built community in Brawley, California, providing us with inspiration, courage and building our imagination through their examples and cultural perspectives.

For providing the creative spaces for our music & theater classes and getting the word out:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno
Centro Oaxaqueño para el Desarrollo Bi-nacional
Fresno Center for Non-Violence
Radio Bi-lingue
Community Alliance Newspaper
Vida en el Valle

Thank you for believing in us:

Bryan & Edie Jessup, Leoncio & Oralia, Lucero Arellano, Amy Kitchener, Josie Talamantes, Richard Stone, Richard Gomez, Nayamin Martinez, Maria Franco, Maria Eraña, Mike Rhodes, Juan Esparza, Eduardo Stanley, Matt Espinosa, and others.

Gracias los queremos:

Pean Lai & Murphy Teng, Guadalupe Olgin, Margaret Delgado, Jennie Jue Montoya, Jose Montoya, Merlinda Espinosa, Manuel Pickett, Andrea Porras, Marc Lasher & Channah Kossman, Lilia Chavez, Maria Elena Rael, Gilbert Padilla, Rebecca & Javier Espinosa, and the many others who have helped us in so many ways through the years.

Funding Sources:

Creating Public Value Program Grant 2011, California Arts Council
Alliance for California Traditional Arts – LCG and TAS programs
Fresno Arts Council CEP program

Thank you to all contributors and our audience members, for your donations and support!

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