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Messaging Our Community No Nomás Sí Se Puede! pero Pa’lante! Covid 19 La Obra-The Play

Covid 19 La Obra – The Play

Due to requests for more details about the play, I’m sending this out again, for those of you who wanted to know more before viewing it. 

“Covid 19, a Play,” was written during the height of the pandemic in 2020 which swept through cities and states infecting communities and hitting farmworkers and workers in food processing industries especially hard; causing significant fatalities in the Central Valley and throughout the country. As the pandemic raged it was the labor of farmworkers and low-wage workers that kept the country alive, yet they were given no protections. This play was written so that their sacrifices will not be forgotten. 

The play is about a small farmworker family living in the outskirts of town, in which a member comes down with Covid catching the family completely off guard. Knowing nothing about the virus which invades and threatens their lives and facing an uncertain future, the family must depend on the leadership, vigilance and guidance of the mother and her son, as they scramble for information and help as to how to protect themselves from the deadly grip of the virus. Click the Youtube icon to view the play.


Although the president has announced the end of the pandemic, people continue to die throughout the country and in Fresno County.  Google the CDC and NIH for up-to-date information on the virus and stay safe, vaccines and masks are readily available. The supporters/funders of the project are listed in the video credits, however, we thank the California Arts Council and the California Endowment for supporting this project.  The video Covid 19 La Obra (The Play) is online now, written by Agustín Lira & Patricia Wells, the play features Teatro Inmigrante actors: Ernesto Vasquez, Angel Vasquez, Dhalia Vasquez, Yuritzah Vasquez, and Cristino Vasquez. 

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