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Breathing Exercises Generaciones Project June 2012

Breathing Exercises with Patricia Wells and children from the Generaciones Project classes in ukulele & singing in June of 2012. After at least 6 months of training in rhythm and lead playing on Ukulele, the students decided to study singing. The exercise in the video requires that the subject breathe steadily out through the lips, slowly, as he or she counts each step. Each time a new breath is taken, the student should try to increase the number of steps it takes to empty the lungs as much as possible, for example if the 1st time it took 20 steps to empty the air from your lungs, then the next breath should take 22 or 23 steps…with concentration and calm, the exercise makes the student aware of where vocal support comes from. Each day and if done for 5 to 10 minutes a day, in the morning and evening, will greatly increase the capacity to stay in key and sustain the long note with greater ease.

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